New World Order

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

#33 – Who Is Emmanuel Macron?

The recent election of Emmanuel Macron in France has brought the wave of Western right-wing populism to a screeching halt. A pro-EU political neophyte with a mysterious background, few people had ever heard of this man even…

The Globalist Establishment forces were Trumped by a populist revolt

#26- #YUGE: Establishment Trumped By Populism

Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. How did this happen? How did all the “experts”, polls and talking heads get it so wrong? What does the Donald’s “Big League” victory mean…

#3: Russia, Syria & The New World Order

Illustration by Latuff Cartoons In our third episode we take a look at how Russia’s intervention in the Syrian Civil War has complicated the Global Elite’s designs for the country.

#2 GMO Foods And Depopulation

In this week’s episode we explore concerns about genetically modified foods. Why are biotech companies like Monsanto and their friends in the FDA so adamantly opposed to labeling GMO’s when 90% of consumers support it?…

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