John Podesta's leaked emails allegedly show clues of occult activity and child trafficking

#27 – The Podesta Emails, Part 1

Pizza, codewords, occult rituals, human trafficking and creepy art. Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager’s emails were released by Wikileaks, and for the last month the internet has been going wild with rumors of sinister activites in Washington…


#13 – Public Exorcism & Propoganda

This week Will discusses his new book Conversion Through Fear, in which he makes the case that the late Medival Catholic Church may have staged public exorcisms as way to instill awe in the public’s mind…

#8 Eyes Wide Shut: 15th Anniversary

2016 marks 15 years since the release of Stanley Kubrick’s final masterpiece Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrik’s final film has long been hailed a masterpeice in its’ own right, and is considered essential viewing for anyone interested in conspiracies….


#7 The Canadian Genocide & Church Corruption

Mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of children were discovered in Canada on the sites where residential schools for Native American children once stood. How could this have happened? Did the Church, Canadian government and…

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