Articles by Joe DeMarco

Where the Titanic and the Olympic Switched?

#25 – Was Titanic Sank on Purpose?

This week we explore the explosive evidence that the sinking of the Titanic, the most famous maritime tragedy in history, may not have been an accident. In fact— it may not have been the Titanic at…

Hillary Clinton VS Donald Trump 1st Debate

#24 – Election Update

Welcome Back! It’s been yet another month of insansity in the US presidential election. In this episode we analyze Hillary and Donald’s first debate, the “theology” of Pepe/Kek, Will gives his review of the film Snowden and…

Hillary's Health and the Alt-Right

#23 – Hillary’s Health & The Alt-Right

Why was Dr.Drew fired from CNN for expressing concern over Hillary Clinton’s health? Is Google censoring searches about Hillary’s health? Who is Pepe the Frog, and what is this new ideology known as the “Alt-Right”? Join…

Did Edgar Cayce predict the war in Syria, the rise of China? Did he tell of a Hall of Records from Atlantis buried in Egypt and the Yucatan?

#17 – Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet

In this episode we explore the legacy of legendary American psychic Edgar Cayce, known in his time as “The Sleeping Prophet”. Cayce stands out among prophets and fortunte tellers for how shockingly accurate his predictions were-…

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