#35 – Hurricane Harvey Hits Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein, Serial Perv

The movie biz is exploding with accusations and allegations of rape and sexual assault aimed at Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. This turned out to be the scandal that opened the floodgates; one star after another is now either being exposed as pervs themselves, or claiming they knew nothing about Harvey legendary casting counch shenanigans.

As we discuss in this episode, the Harvey Weinstein allegations are just the tip of the iceberg. Will this be the catalyst that finally brings down the sick pedo network of Hollywood that Corey Feldman warned us about?

(Note: This episode was recorded before the recent allegations aimed at Kevin Spacey, which we certainly would have mentioned. This story developing at breakneck speed and we will be revisiting it as it continues to evolve.)

Be sure to check out our previous episode were we discuss hidden network of predators described in the groundbreaking documentary An Open Secret.

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