#34 – The Strange Saga of Seth Rogan, the CIA & North Korea

Trump, the CIA, Seth Rogen and North Korea

Was Seth Rogen’s film The Interview part of a CIA plot to overthrow the North Korea’s Dear Leader? If you believe everything you read on the internet— the answer might be yes.


The story originally broke on AlterNet, a website which has posted numerous deubious stories in the past (but ones which have often turned out to be partially true).

It sounds preposterous, but when a shady neocon agitator’s name appears in the film’s credits, it makes you wonder.

We also examine some crazy footage taken by leakers inside North Korea reavealing what life is really like, then discuss the current nuclear standoff between Trump and Kim Jong Un, and what the young dictator’s motivations really are.


North Korea’s Darkest Secrets (Shocking Hidden Camera Footage from Inside the Hermit Kingdom)

Secret State – Inside North Korea




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