#33 – Who Is Emmanuel Macron?

Who is Emmanuel Macron?

The recent election of Emmanuel Macron in France has brought the wave of Western right-wing populism to a screeching halt. A pro-EU political neophyte with a mysterious background, few people had ever heard of this man even 2 years ago.

After his victory speech in front of the Louvre pyramid, the internet blew up with rumors of ties to Freemasons and other secrete socities. But who is Macron, and how did a man with so little political experience become president of such an important country at only 39 years old?

Was Macron groomed from a young age for this position? Did he really win 66.6% of the vote? In this episode we explore Macron’s past, his ties to to world of high finance, global elite visionaries, and what his presidency means for the future of France and the European Union. 

As we cover in this episode, Macron has extensive ties to the Rothchild banking empire, and was present at the Bilderberg Group conference in 2014.

Especially interesting are his connections to Jacques Attali, a prominent economic and social theorist who has served as an advisor to every French preisent since Francois Mitterand in the 1980s.

Jacques Attali- Illuminati Mentor to Emmanuel Macron?

Jacques Attali

Attali is also a 33rd degree Freemason, and the author of A Brief History of the Future, a fascinating and at times disturbing exploration of how economics has guided the development of civilization, along with some eerily accurate predictions of how the 21st century will unfold. In this 2006 book Attali predicts waves of migration, extreme income disparities brought on by globalization and techonology, social unrest, a resurgence of nationalism and religious fundamentalism, and planetary conflict. He also describes countermovements of increasing political integration of regional blocs like the EU, and the increasing roles of non-state actors like NGOs, transnational corporations, hackers, and terrorists on the world stage.

Is Attali simply a highly perceptive man, or did he have access to the blueprint? Either way, it was he who reccomended Macron to get his job with the Rothchild bank, and helped gave him his start in politics. Has Attali found in Macron an ideal vessel through which to bring his visions for France into fruition?

Is Emmanuel Macron making a Masonic gesture in front of the Louvre pyramid?

Political reformer or Illuminati Puppet?

As you can see, Macron is basically a conspiracy theorist’s dream come true. This may sound like some real heavy shit, but don’t worry, we actually have a lot of laughs breaking down Macron and his unnusual background.

Tune in to this exciting and hilarious episode now!

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