#32 – From Russia With Trump, Pt.2

A lotta shit has gone down since our first investigation into the Trump/Russia saga. Members of the Trump entourage like Paul Manafort and Carter Page have been exposed as having financial ties to Moscow-linked figures, and the FBI has disclosed that they are in fact investigating the possible links between Trump’s people and the Russian troll campaign.

Diagram of Trump-Russia Conenctions

(Very) basic diagram of ties between Russian figures and the Trump posse. This is from “fake news” WaPo, of course, consider the source.


Things were looking pretty bad for the Donald until he launched missle strike against Syria. What does this mean? Have the Neocons gotten to Trump? Did he┬átruly want to punish Assad for chemical attacks, or was this a military PR stunt to break the “Trump is a Russian puppet” narrative?



Find out in this new episode of FFN!

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