#28 – The Podesta Emails, Part 2

John Podesta's alien obesssion exposed by WikiLeaks

UFOs…the Vatican…Blink 182. What the FUCK is going on in John Podesta’s emails!?  In part 2 of our investigation, we explore the bizarre emails dealing with alien technology, free limitless energy, and Podesta’s connections to UFO disclosure.

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Of all the episodes we’ve  done of FFN, I’ve got to warn you, this is probably one of the weirdest. It seems that in addition to occult rituals and “pizza”-related allegations, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta also has a interest in UFOs and aliens which goes back many decades.

Podesta discusses alien life with MSM schill Ezra Klein

Podesta even claimed on twitter that he unsuccessly pushed for UFO disclosure during his time as Conseller to President Obama.

John Podesta Tweet about UFO Disclosure

Because of his widely known interest in aliens and his status as an ultra-elite DC insider, many UFO-truth activitist have reached out to him via email. WikiLeaks has released emails from John Podesta showing messages from:

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut and 6th man to walk on the moon. Dr.Mitchell, who passed away in early 2016, had been sending a series of increasibly ugrent emails pleading for a meeting with Podesta over the importance of government disclosure of UFOs and aliens, and the prevention of warfare in outer space.

Terri Mansfield – the director of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI), a nonprofit organization which seeks to “educate humans about our work with our nonviolent obedient-to-God ETI, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, from the contiguous universe whose mission is to work with our scientists to bring zero point energy here for the purpose of extending life on our fragile Earth.” Zero point enegry is a hypotheical source of limitless free energy which would free us from use of fossil fuels forever. Apparently ETI carries a fair amount of clout, as they claim to fundraise with billionares only”. (source)

Tom DeLonge– you may know this guy as the former lead singer/guitarist of Blink 182. WTF does he have to do with all this? Apparently DeLonge has been a passionate UFO researcher for many years and was reaching out to Podesta to put him in touch with VIPs in Washington who have access to sensitive data pertaining to alien life and reverse-engineered technology. It seems that DeLonge’s obsession was so great that this actually played a part in breaking up the band!

Now, most of these emails date from 2015, before Hillary’s campaign really started picking up, and one thing you’ll notice is that there isn’t a lot of evidence that Podesta was responding. However, it seems inconceivable that he would have totally ignored them, given his long-standing interest in the topic, and claims that he would persuade Hillary to release of UFO data if elected president. Did Podesta show a rare moment of prudence and respond via phone call, so as to avoid a electronic paper trail? 

Another, possibly related story broke shortly before the election in October. British UFO researcher Max Spiers was found dead in Warsaw Poland this year, shorly before he was schedule to give an important presentation. Sources say he intended to expose a “black magic” ring involving many well-known politicians and celebrities. Given the allegations of occult activity in Podesta’s emails, could there be a connection here as well?

Trust me, this is just barely scratching the surface here. We warned you that this was gonna be a weird one. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Show notes:

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WikiLeaks TOP SECRET ALIEN And UFO Disclosure – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell E-mail To John Podesta – Charles Walton (Youtube – similar to above but more detailed)

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