#25 – Was Titanic Sank on Purpose?

Where the Titanic and the Olympic Switched?

This week we explore the explosive evidence that the sinking of the Titanic, the most famous maritime tragedy in history, may not have been an accident. In fact— it may not have been the Titanic at all!

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There are numerous books and films which propose the following hypothesis: that the ship lying at the bottom of the Atlantic is not the Titanic at all, but actually its’ sister ship, the Olympic. Over 1500 people would lose their lives in what may have been the most successful insurance fraud of all time.

White Star Line, the company which owned these ships was in serious finaniacl problem. Only a few months before the real Titanic’s scheduled maiden voyage, the Olympic was involved in several serious accidents. Since the insurance refused to pay, the White Star Line, owned by JP Morgan’s International Merchant Marine, was facing financial ruin. The owners of the Olympic simply patched up the broken ship, rivtted the name “Titanic” onto it, and presented it to the world?

Sound far-fetched?

Why did over 50 first-class travellers, including JP Morgan himself and White Star’s owner cancel their reservations at the last minute?

Why was the SS Californian, another large passenger ship, sent out to the middle of the ocean with no passengers and plenty of lifejackets and blankets, and come to a dead stop, three days in advance? Was this ship waiting in advance to resuce the passengers? What went wrong?

Titanic and Olympic may have been switched in a massive insurance fraud conspiracy

Was the Californian supposed to serve as the resuce ship for the “Titanic” after the planned collision with the iceberg?

There were numerous but but sublte aesthetic differences between the Olympic and the Titanic. It would have been easy to confuse people:

Evidence that the Titanic and Olympic were switched

Olympic and Titanic Side by Side

Side by side comparison of the Olympic and the Titanic. Note the subtle differences in numbers and shapes of windows.

Why were the surviving crew detained for 24 hours and forced to sign documents saying they’d never speak about what happened that night in 1912?

Stunning evidence comparing the photos of the underwater wreck to the archival photos of the Titanic and the Olympic shows that the ships may very well have been switched!

There may have been a connection to establishment of the Federal Reserve System- as three of the most prominent opponents to JP Morgan’s proposed central bank lost their lives aboard the “Titanic”

Finally- is it possible JP Morgan got the idea from a book? The events of a fictional work called “The Titan”, released in 1908- bare an astonishing resemblance to what actually happened 4 years later with the “Titanic”.


Here is an excellent documentary on the Titanic/Olymic Switch Hypothesis:

More sources:

The Ship That Never Sank

“I can prove it was not the Titanic that sank” – Interview in Oxford Mail with The Great Titanic Conspiracy author Robin Gardiner.

The Titanic Conspiracy Theory – Detailed breakdown of the all the motives and aspects of the conspiracy, including the Fed and the Titan book angles.

It Wasn’t The Titanic that Sunk – good photographic evidence

Bussiness Insider examiniation of Federal Reserve System motive

Until next time, folks. Stay #woke.
-Joe DeMarco

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