#23 – Hillary’s Health & The Alt-Right

Hillary's Health and the Alt-Right

Why was Dr.Drew fired from CNN for expressing concern over Hillary Clinton’s health? Is Google censoring searches about Hillary’s health? Who is Pepe the Frog, and what is this new ideology known as the “Alt-Right”? Join us as we explore this topic in depth in this new episode of the False Flag Nation Podcast!

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What’s really going on with Hillary’s health? Is the media covering up a serious illness?

The so-called “Alt-Right” or “Alternative Right” is a recationary movement revolting against the traditional establishment GOP. Hillary Clinton has claimed they are basically just tech-savvy neo-nazis. While there definitely are some unsavory elements to the movement, Milo Yiannopoulos argues that the movement has largely been misunderstood.

The thing is Hillary, if you’re going to make that argument, perhaps you shouldn’t have acknowledged Sen.Robert Byrd, a top officer in the Ku Klux Klan, as one of your “greatest friends and mentors”.

Hillary's Clinton's "Friend and mentor" KKK leader Robery Byrd
Brietbart, Alex Jones and Infowars were specifically called out in Hillary’s speech. Paul Joseph Watson gave a scathing summary of this whole stupid affair.


Hillary broke one of the cardinal rules of the internet: YOU NEVER FEED THE TROLLS! The movement she sought to discredit now has more mainstream attention than ever before. This election has been a non-stop travelling circus for the last year and a half, and this marks the begining of the latest chapter of Dumpster Fire 2016.

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