#22 Turkey Coup Hoax & The 28 Pages

Was the failed miltary coup in Turkey a hoax set up by Erdogan himself?

This week we cover with suspicious “coup” that took place in Turkey last week. Did Erdogan stage the whole thing to justify more authoritarianism?

We also discuss the long-awaited relase of the 28 censored pages of the 2002 Congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks. We first explored this topic in episode 15, and the release of these formerlly classified documents opens a dark new chapter in this story.

The evidence inside contains damning evidence implicating Saudi government officials roles in facilitating the terrorist attacks. Why is the media ignoring this?

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HUGE credit to ZeroHedge and Anti-war.com for being among the few media outlets to give this story the credit it deserves.

US Government Releases Redacted “28 Pages” Missing From 9/11 Report

It Is A Smoking Gun – Prince Bandar And Other Saudis Financed The 9/11 Terrorists

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