#18 – Is Hollywood Controlled By A Pedophile Ring?

Is Hollywood controlled by satanists and pedophiles?

There’s something rotten in Tinseltown. This week we discuss the persistant rumors of pedophiles, casting couches and bizarre occult activity in Hollywood.

Recently actor Elijah Wood made headlines over comments regarding rampant pedophilia and corruption in the entertainment industry. His remarks brough renewed attention to an issue raised by others in the industry, as well as the controversial 2014 documentary An Open Secret. 

In the past one would occasionally hear rumors about this, rarely any major accusations that named names. There have been a few high-profile cases concerning industry figures like Roman Polanski and Jimmy Saville, but talk of sexual abuse in the industry was usually hushed. The release of An Open Secret blew the lid off this sickening subsculture of the Hollywood elite.

(The film’s director Amy Berg claimed she had a very hard time getting into theatres, because no distributors showed any interest. Hmm…I wonder why?)

It’s possible to get lost in the weeds with all the details of these stories, but the common threads that run through them are as follows:

1) The entertainment industry, and Hollywood in particular, is run by an elite circle of sexual deviants, with members at the highest levels of the industry.

Many of these individuals are pedophiles, and prey upon child actors. As the aforementioned documentary claims, it’s an open secret, and very little has been done to stop it. Almost no major figures in the industry have been publicly accused until recently.

Here we see former child star Corey Feldman recalling his experiences with pedeophiles in the industry.

Since the release of An Open Secret, accusations have been made major Hollywood figures:

-Bryan Singer, producer and X-Men director
-Marty Weiss – director, talent manager
-Brian Peck – actor
-Marty Wiess, talent manager
-Micahel Harrah, talent manager
-Bob Villard, talent manager

The list goes on…some people have actually been caught, had to register as sex offenders, and go back to working with kids!

Don’t throw up yet, we’re just getting started.

2) Everyone has heard the casting couch rumors, but this may be just the tip of the iceberg. Aspiring stars (regardless of age) are aparently required to undergo bizarre, humiliating and degrading sexual acts in order to be initiated into the Hollywood elite. Some claim these events are filmed and kept as blackmail to ensure their good behavior.

Have you ever wondered why suddenly a start will just appear out of nowhere, landing enourmous roles and massive media machine pushing them? The rumors say that the more disgusting and depraved treatment they submit to, the more ingrained they are in the Hollywood scene.

Actors who refuse to submit to such debasement can expect to be see their careers abruptly halted, or be sidelined come awards time. Ever wonder why it took Leo so long to get an Oscar? Could it be he didn’t want to give in?

3) Some reports suggest these sexual initiations are occultic or satanic in nature. This would certainly be in keeping with the consstant occultic imagery we see in films, photos and performances by celebrities.

Celebrties performing Illuminati gestures

Madonna Baphomet Pose celebrities-illuminati-eye-gesture celebrities-illuminati

I believe we’ve just scratched the surface with this issue, and it’s a topic we’ll be revisiting on the podcast for sure. Regardless of how much you buy into conspiracies, it’s a legally established fact the pedophilia has thrived in Hollywood and and high-level industry figures participated in and covered it up.



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