#17 – Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Prophet

Did Edgar Cayce predict the war in Syria, the rise of China? Did he tell of a Hall of Records from Atlantis buried in Egypt and the Yucatan?

In this episode we explore the legacy of legendary American psychic Edgar Cayce, known in his time as “The Sleeping Prophet”. Cayce stands out among prophets and fortunte tellers for how shockingly accurate his predictions were- all of which he delivered while fast asleep.

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Many of the predictions he made came true within his lifetime, including the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and German-Japanese Alliance would start the Second World War.

However, most of Edgar Cayce’s readings dealt with medical issues, offering treatment advice to people suffering from various ailments. That’s one thing that stands out about Cayce; he was a very selfless man. He was concerned first and foremost with helping people.

That did not stop people from attempting to exploit his ability- asking for advice on which stocks to buy- advice which apparently yeilded great profits for those that heeded it.

Cayce would suffer intense migranes when using his abilities for selfish purposes, and he would eventually switch to a new system, with clients only allowed to ask questions through his assitant.

Some of Edgar Cayce’s more interesting readings recall events of the distant past including details about a pre-flood civilization to which he applied the label “Atlantis”. 

He described Atlantis as being the mother civilization of Egypt and the various Pre-Colombian civilzations, founded by survivors of the destruction of the lost continent. He also claimed that the Atlanteans left caches of records in 3 different regions throughout the world, one which is located under the sphynx at Giza.

It is interesting that Edgar Cayce gives the time-range of Atlantis’s final destruction as around 10,500 BC- corresponding with rapid sea-level rise at the end of the last Ice Age. This also corresponds to the chronology of Atlantis’ destruction given by Plato and the work of Graham Hancock, as well as findings by Randall Carlson.

More incredible and concerning where his predictions about the future, including:

  • Conflict in the Persian Gulf region & Southeast Asia
  • The rise of China
  • Japan & the Eastern Seaboard of the United States would be submerged, & more!

Tune in and find out more about this incredible figure of history, and what his readings may hold for our future.

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