#14 – Panama Papers & DC Madam Deadman Switch

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The biggest story in world right now is the Panama Papers, the largest leak of confidential information in history, dwarfing anything Wikileaks or even Edward Snowden released. The documents show the global elite are hiding hundreds of billions in the tiny Central American tax haven, but this was fairly common knowledge, is there an ulterior motive for this “leak”?

Why does Vladimir Putin’s photo keep appearing whenever this story is covered on the news? A little digging reveals source that originally published the story is an organization with links to George Soros. Is this some attempt to punish Putin for refusing to kowtow to the NWO?

Our second topic is a ticking media bomb. Remember the D.C. Madam? The woman who ran an escort agency which catered to highpowered men in Washington?

After she was found dead under highly suspicious circumstances, her attourney Motgomery Sibley gained legal custody of the list of clients she serviced. Sibley has repeatedly tried to release the names bust has been blocked by court system. He claims the list has information of vital importance to the current presidential election, and that he is obligated to relase it to the public.

That’s all changed he has given the Supreme Court an ultimatum. Either they grant him permission to release the list, or he releases it anyway. Here’s the most shocking part; he has set up a “deadman switch” system which will, in the event he dies or “disappears”, automatically email the list to hundreds of journalists!

This man is litterally holding the entire goverment hostage and the MSM is ignoring it!
I’m the sure the major corportate networks will order a media blackout on this, but in this era the truth will get out one way or the other! Stay tuned, and you’ll hear it here first!

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