April 2016

Panama-Papers-george soros globalists

#14 – Panama Papers & DC Madam Deadman Switch

The biggest story in world right now is the Panama Papers, the largest leak of confidential information in history, dwarfing anything Wikileaks or even Edward Snowden released. The documents show the global elite are hiding hundreds…


#13 – Public Exorcism & Propoganda

This week Will discusses his new book Conversion Through Fear, in which he makes the case that the late Medival Catholic Church may have staged public exorcisms as way to instill awe in the public’s mind…

How to Design a SHTF Plan

#12 – How To Design A SHTF Plan

This week the FFN boys discuss how to prepare your SHTF plan. We talk preperations for  food, shelter, bugout bags and how to protect your finances in the event of a emercency scenario or currency…

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