#11 Zika, Lyme & Everything Fine

Is Zika causing birth defects? Or biotech companies?

The Media is in full panic mode of the Zika Virus and the cases of microcephaly in South America. But is that really that really the cause?

We also discuss the mysterious Plum Island facility in Lound Island Sound and it’s links to Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Nazi & Imperial Japanese research and bizzare creatures washing ashore in New York State.

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Sources for podcast:
US Gov “admits” lyme is a bio weapon – possible connections to evil Japanese Scientists from WWII
Plum island has been linked to outbreaks of West Nile, Lyme and Dutch duck plague. Anthrax research is also carried out there.
Rumors the lab has been relocated to Kansas – easier to infect the populace with?
With regards to Zika, there are many conflicting stories and theories going around. Some theorize that it is a bioweapon:
There is also the link between a British bio tech company Oxitec a british bio tech company and GM mosqutoes and spraying of larvacides in northern Brazil. This region of Brazil is also where the highest levels of microcephaly (tiny heads) are found.
The link has not been proved though. Is the Zika/microcephaly theory a different conspiracy all together? One designed to protect biotech companies rather than depopulate the region?

Then again, the Zika virus is availible for sale courtesy of the¬†Rockefeller Foundation…

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