#8 Eyes Wide Shut: 15th Anniversary


2016 marks 15 years since the release of Stanley Kubrick’s final masterpiece Eyes Wide Shut. Kubrik’s final film has long been hailed a masterpeice in its’ own right, and is considered essential viewing for anyone interested in conspiracies.


We deconstruct the film’s occult symbolism and hidden layers of meaning, and draw comparisons to bizarre real life events held by the global elite.

*MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT* in this episode. If you have not seen Eyes Wide Shut yet, please watch it first then give this a listen.

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What was Stanley Kubrick trying to tell us? Did he know this would be his last film, and and was he warning the public about things he knew?

This film is so packed with symbolism of and hidden occult meaning its’ almost impossible to take it all in on the first viewing.

Vigilant Citizen did a fantastic job deconstructing the hidden messages in the film, and provides and helpful guide for those who want to do more research. We could just re-write that whole article, but we have more recording to do.

Some people think its’ all hogwash that the global elite are holding masked orgies in honor of Ishtar.

Yep, I’m sure there’s a perfectly rational explation for all these.


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