#7 The Canadian Genocide & Church Corruption


Mass graves containing the bodies of hundreds of children were discovered in Canada on the sites where residential schools for Native American children once stood. How could this have happened? Did the Church, Canadian government and the British Royals cover it up?

WARNING: This episode covers some content that is a little darker than what we normally cover, so we did try to lighten it up a bit with the news in the begining.

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Indigienous children were taken from their parents at very young age and sent to residential schools, mostly run by the Anglican and Catholic Churches. There they were subjected to a harsh reducation and cultural reprogramming system designed to erase their sense of identity and make them “proper” Canadians. Children suffered systematic abuse and neglect at the hands of the school staff and hundreds of them died of disease and malnourishment.

How did this happen? How could so many children die, their bodies buried on site and NO BODY knew about it?

Seems like nobody ever would have known about it, had it not been for the work of Kevin Annett, who spent 20 years tirelessly working to expose the atrocities of the Residential Schools Annett is the foudner of the International Tribunal into the Crimes of Church and State. 

Amoung many other stories, the ITCCS brought to light a story that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited one of these schools in the 1960s, around the same time 10 children disappeared. William Comes, a witness to this event and former school resident, claims he saw the children, seven boys and three girls, walk off with the young queen and were never seen again.

Comes mysteriously died a soon after giving a radio interview describing the story. Annett claims he was murdered.

Rumor has it the schools supplied children to be used as human test subjects in mind control experiments by the CIA. Stories like Project MONARCH come to mind…

The Canadian government set up a Truth & Reconciliation Comission in 2008 to investgate what happened. In 2015 they submitted their final report. Here is (according to them) the official account of what happened.


Also discussed was the the horrifying discovery of the 800 infant skeltons in the remains a unused septeic tank located at the Boen Secours Mother-and-Baby Home in Tuam, Ireland. 

These children were born to unwed mothers and sent to live in the facilities which were run by Nuns. While the cruel conditions of the Irish laundries have been well known for some time, the discovery of this mass grave raised the horror to never before seen levels.

Later reports suggested the numbers had been been exaggerated, and that the story had simply spun out of control.

What are we to make of all this? Is there some sickening conspiracy of global elites to cover up to child trafficking and murder?


There seems to be an pattern of governments and religious organizations covering up evidence of abuse and murder, only investigating it when outside pressure becomes too great.

In 2011 victims of clerical abuse filed a complaint with International Criminal Court (ICC) against Pope Benedict XVI, accusiing him of Crimes Against Humanity for allowing abuse to occur and protecting abusers. Some have speculated that this accusation was the actual reason for his resignation.

Some of the accusations, especially those made by the ITCCS, are so horrifying and conspiratorial they almost seem unbelivable, but what is not disputed is that thousands of children in Canada, Europe and elsewhere died as a result of abuse and neglect- and the power structures of the day actively covered it up.

It’s been many years since these crimes occurred. Raising awareness will help ensure those responsible can be brought to justice and such atrocities never happen again.


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