#2 GMO Foods And Depopulation

In this week’s episode we explore concerns about genetically modified foods. Why are biotech companies like Monsanto and their friends in the FDA so adamantly opposed to labeling GMO’s when 90% of consumers support it? Furthermore, how does this relate to the global elite’s goal of reducing the human population? Listen to find out more.

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Show notes

One documentary we viewed during our research of Seeds of Death: Unveiling the Lies of GMOs. As you might expect from the title, it takes a fairly one-sided approach to the issue but in doing so, provides a balanced perspective on a topic the mainstream media has largely ignored or ridiculed. Highly recommend.

WARNING: At the end of this documentary there is an atrocious rap video featuring a white man dropping sick rhymes about the evils of GMOs. It was so bad it almost made me want to disregard all the previous content of the film and go buy some Monsanto stock. Please do yourself a favor and skip this part of the video.


Bill & Ted’s Excellent Depopulation Adventure!

Here we have more clips of global elite figures like Ted Turner and Bill Gates pushing the depopulation angle:


Now, we here at FFN are not taking an anti-vax stance at this time, and I think we can probably agree that there are enough people on this planet, but we are not comfortable with the idea of global elites deciding who gets to reproduce and who doesn’t. Evidence seems to suggest that GMO foods are playing a role in the push to halt human reproduction by contributing to sterility.

Even if you reject the idea the genetic modification itself is unhealthy, Monsanto’s abominable business practices alone makes one want to boycott their products.

Here’s a list of countries which have banned GMOs.

The biotech industry has corrupted the federal government of the United States and various governments around the world, and has made it clear they will never stop until nothing is grown that they do not own.

Take the time to educate yourself so you can avoid buying GMOs. Vote with your wallet, it’s the only language sociopathic corporate “persons” like Monsanto understand.


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