Who is Emmanuel Macron?

#33 – Who Is Emmanuel Macron?

The recent election of Emmanuel Macron in France has brought the wave of Western right-wing populism to a screeching halt. A pro-EU political neophyte with a mysterious background, few people had ever heard of this man even…

Is there some shady connection to Trump and Russia? Or is all just the Deep State spreading lies?

#31 – From Russia With Trump

The media was hyperventilating for months about Russians hacking the DNC and embarrasing emails exposed by WikiLeaks. Next came a dossier alledging shady ties between Trump’s entourage and golden shower performances. Now National Security Advisor Mike Flynn resigns amidst…

In this episode we explore the hidden role of occult secret societies in helping the nazi's rise to power.

#30 – Occult Secrets of the Third Reich

In this episode, we explore the hidden role of occult secret societies in helping the Nazis rise to power, Himmler’s plan for a new Nazi Religion and the shocking links to an obscure sci-fi novel…

John Podesta's alien obesssion exposed by WikiLeaks

#28 – The Podesta Emails, Part 2

UFOs…the Vatican…Blink 182. What the FUCK is going on in John Podesta’s emails!?  In part 2 of our investigation, we explore the bizarre emails dealing with alien technology, free limitless energy, and Podesta’s connections to UFO disclosure.

John Podesta's leaked emails allegedly show clues of occult activity and child trafficking

#27 – The Podesta Emails, Part 1

Pizza, codewords, occult rituals, human trafficking and creepy art. Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager’s emails were released by Wikileaks, and for the last month the internet has been going wild with rumors of sinister activites in Washington…

The Globalist Establishment forces were Trumped by a populist revolt

#26- #YUGE: Establishment Trumped By Populism

Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States. How did this happen? How did all the “experts”, polls and talking heads get it so wrong? What does the Donald’s “Big League” victory mean…

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